Saturday, August 8, 2009


Macedonian grocery stores have frozen food sections. Normal frozen food sections, with boxes of chicken-patties and vacuum-sealed sterile shrimp and ice cream. This is fine, this does not bother me.

What does bother me is that, though 90% of all the food is prepackaged like any other frozen food, there is invariably one bin - maybe two - of unwrapped, unlabeled fish or chicken parts. Frozen solid. Really, next to the frozen pizzas, you'll see a big bin of just plain whole fish, frozen so hard that some of them have cracked in two or three parts. Or a giant bin of chicken legs and wings, unbreaded, unpackaged, frozen solid.

What do you do with this? I mean, most people shop at markets that are right next to their houses, but do some people drop an unwrapped frozen fish in their grocery bags and walk two blocks in the Skopje heat, praying it doesn't melt completely before they get back to their freezer?

I'm going to get a picture of this. I just don't think you could believe me otherwise.


B said...

YUM! They have live tilapia here in tanks, like lobster in the US, but you ask for it and they will basically fish it out there and whack it's head off. It's advertised as "Fresh Fish!"

Katie said...

You're coming home on the 22nd of October! My heart is filled with joy.