Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In case you're interested . . . (Updated)

In this obligatory post-graduation travel blog, I have decided to acknowledge and support the obligatory post-graduation blogs of a few of my friends. If you're ever bored with the Balkans (or just my take on the region), might I suggest you check out:

Eric at Polysemic.org -he's on a Fulbright grant studying linguistics in the Macedonia. While I might tell a funny joke about mixing up the words for 'poop' and 'cheese' - they are quite similar - he'll be able to explain it in a way that puts me to shame.

Harper at BumblingMumbler.com - an old friend of mine who has somehow stumbled into a job teaching adorable children in Japan to speak English. Check in daily for updates on how to inadvertently offend provincial bureaucrats and meet interesting naked Japanese men in saunas.

Tim Fox at Grace with Taste - another old friend, and an anglophile Anglican. In another time he would be tipping his hat to elderly ladies outside the Main Street barber shop, but modernity and the lingering effects of John Rawls have forced him to barricade himself behind volumes of Eliot and Newman in a last-ditch effort to save the Protestant mainstream. This blog is his only way of communicating with the world.

Jesse Bright's Merry Amer-Adventures - another old friend, Jesse has decided to forgo the bourbon-and-cigars fatcat lifestyle of a graduate student in the sciences for a bit, and participate in the Americorps program. Between fire watching, storm chasing, and other manly charitable pursuits, Jesse may grow the mightiest beard imaginable.


One more:

Chelsi in the Land of Eagles
- Chelsi West is another Fulbrighter who will be wandering around neighboring Albania. She'll probably turn one of Hoxha's old pillboxes into the most stylish pad this side of Tirana. It should be an interesting blog - Albania is a rough land where the men are still manly, and the women are, well, manly as well.

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