Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Urgent News

This just in:

The BBC Macedonian News Service is reporting that that on Wednesday, September 2nd (or 20th?), the minister of ? will ? to the ?, which the ? and ? ?-ed the ?. The problem, they said, is that ? ? ? ? ? to/for the ?.

Also, I think the word children was involved. Something with minorities?

Stay tuned for more prepositions and basic adjectives with definite article suffixes.


Ryan said...

I just got back from Fukui where Kelly Gagnon lives. We were sitting on the side of the street two blocks south of where some politician was complaining about foreigners.

As Kelly translated, "something,something, foreigners, something, something, ruining our blood pool, something, foreigners are bad, foreigners should leave, something." - So ya, same boat maybe.

I hope you enjoyed this multi-layered comment sexy.

Eric Heath said...

Oh boy do I ever know exactly what you're talking about.