Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Okay, I'm back for real this time.

(Rakija barrel, suspended from the ceiling above the dinner table. Not Pictured: Me lying on the table)

After two abortive attempts at a restart, I think I can get things rolling this time. I'm back in Skopje after a month of holidays, festivals, and traveling around Macedonia and Greece. And lest you think the festivals are over: a wild carnival is taking place right now in Strumica, Sv. Trifun day soaks all of Negotino in wine and rakija, and the pre-pre-Easter session is getting started. It never ends here.

My own personal holiday season ended at 4:30 am Monday, Skopje time. A Peace Corps friend of mine had organized a secret, after-the-legal-closing-time Super Bowl party at the local English pub. Good times were had by all.

But now, back to work.

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