Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Adventures in Archaeology: Cacev Kamen #2

I'll start this out with a video I took from the very top of Cacev Kamen, with a lovely view of the surrounding countryside:

But for now I'll work my way up from where I left off. That rock-cut cross was in a sort of entry way, with visible foundations cut into the rock. Following a rebuild road between two remaining rock door posts, you wrap around the the rock, head up an old stairway, and end up in this:

It's a giant shallow cavern, partly natural, partly man-made. Sashka is sitting in the middle, and above her you can see a horizontal line of post holes that held platforms. Behind her are three rectangular pits cut into the rock, bathtub-size, with drain channels leading down the rock. The Lonely Planet writer stands above one:
This is on the far left of the cave looking in; the far right is flat, with post holes in the ground that reminded me of some Mycenean 'throne rooms' I had seen in Greece:

Moving on (and up), I followed the good professor and scrambled up this rock face, using neolithic post holes as hand holds:

Above the large chamber, there was a man-made basin for water. it was huge, double-chambered, and there were dozens of holes for the pulleys and ropes and buckets that would have been used to fill it up. The Professor had some story about water pouring down and people dancing and all that. I really have no clue. But it was really cool:

The water pit is obviously on the right, and this semi-circular channel would have held wooden retaining wall, like the end of a barrel. It's a sheer drop straight down on the left side; behind me is another one of these water-pits.

And that was Cacev Kamen, or at least according to the pictures. I wasn't able to take a lot of my own photographs. My writer friend (the Lonely Planet Guy) dubbed me Indiana Jones for the day, which meant I had to scramble to all the places he couldn't climb and take pictures for him. Ah well.

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