Friday, October 3, 2008

Downtown Skopje

I sat on a park bench in the downtown today, watching an armless old man in a suit kick nuts from the grass to the side walk, crush the nuts, and apparently not finding anything worthwhile within them, repeating the process. For an hour. Add in the kittens playing around him and the garishly dressed 'fashionable' youth, it all made for quite a surreal scene. That was the highlight of the day, for the most part. Here are the promised pictures:

The view from outside my door:

You may think that this is absolutely beautiful, and it is. But please keep in mind this steep drop off begins three feet from my door. There is also a strange rotating key-hole cover and an all but invisible drop in the floor level of my room of two or three inches, which makes this a hotel room that was probably designed with malice towards anyone who might enjoy a bottle of wine every now and then.

Here are a few shots of the downtown Skopje sights - the old Stone Bridge, and Macedonia Square:

1 comment:

CWest said...

Okay it's funny but I swear I'm having the same park experiences here in Tirane!
Your view is way better than mine - any luck with the apartment yet?