Monday, October 13, 2008


I have found an apartment, and while it sits above an internet cafe, I have no way to upload pictures of my most recent adventures until I get my own internet set up.

Hopefully this will occur in the next few days. I have quite a bit to write about, and many pictures to prove that I'm not making up outrageous stories. A taste:

1. Saturday was spent climbing a neolithic temple (out in the middle of Nowhere, Eastern Macedonia) with the President of the World Rock Art Institute, a writer for Lonely Planet, and a French-accented translator.

2. Saturday night was spent in an Irish pub in Kumanovo, owned by an ex-Special Forces Irish Army officer, who bought us drinks and told us stories about his dealings with the local Macedonian and Albanian mafias.

3. Sunday night was spent in an English pub owned by an ex-Liverpool goalie, listening to a Macedonian Eric Clapton cover band and drinking with the Peace Corps crew.

4. Today I spent three hours navigating the barely post-Yugoslav Macedonian Police bureaucracy to get myself registered.

Like I said, I'll prove it with pictures. Soon. I hope.


Anonymous said...

What the fuck is 'World Rock Art'? And is it really that big of a deal that they have to have an institute?


Anonymous said...

You've got an apartment. Hooray!

I finished reading the Lebedoff. Pretty quick read, but you're right. Fairly inconsequential as regards the author's thesis. Still, it's entertainingly written, and a good primer to re-start Orwell and Waugh. Besides, it's good to digest a literary hamburger after trying to stomach some of the philosophic delicacies I've tried to cover lately. (Robertson's first sermon is on the rights of property. Sheez Louise.)

I've got another book suggestion for you. IM me sometime.

- Tim

Ryan said...

I call bluff.