Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Party

On numerous occasions here in Macedonia, I've remarked to Eric that with globalization and all that, I feel like I've never left home. He corrects me each time, and rightfully so, because what I'm experiencing is actually just American cultural imperialism. If I were from Botswana or Indonesia, I wouldn't be able to find my music or food in a pub around the corner. So for everyone who might hear "Macedonia" and think of peasants carrying bundles of sticks, funny-costumed folk dancing, and the gypsy fight scene from James Bond . . . well, most of that is fairly apt.

But there's also an English pub behind my apartment where I can watch the Colts play on British satellite television and listen to an Eric Clapton cover band. American television, movies, and music are everywhere - I can watch Frasier subtitled in Macedonian. And I can also spend Halloween at an Irish pub, eating onion rings, and listening to a Macedonian band covering the likes of Eagle Eye Cherry.

It was a hell of a good time, and I recommend you stop by if you ever find yourself in Kumanovo.

(Me with the obviously Irish owner)


Nathan Sauerhage said...

That picture just warms my heart.

Anonymous said... look so happy. I pulled a Corinne and 'Awww-ed' at the computer screen.