Friday, November 14, 2008

It's been awhile

A good friend from back in my university days has been visiting for the past week, and I apologize to anyone who thought that I had disappeared into the Albanian border country. I was mostly aware of my location throughout the week, and was probably never in any danger.

I have a camera full of pictures - mostly the same scenes of Ohrid in varying stages of sunset - and little time to put them all up until the weekend. We've been roaming around the Old Town, climbing to monasteries, playing with 4th century AD gold coins in the archaeological vaults of the university, baking stuffed butternut squash, relaxing in Ohrid, and rubbing elbows with the idle elite at the Macedonian Wine Club. Things have been busy.

So, expect a number of upcoming posts and more pictures (per my mother's request).

Until then, I'll share this wonderful, purely Macedonian anecdote:

My friend and I were visiting another beautiful old monastic church in Ohrid, and the ticket-taker/frustrated academic offered to show us around the church. In truth, she wanted to evangelize a little for the Orthodox church. Our guide, on the topic of Christian love and tolerance:

"Real Christians must love and be tolerant of everything - even dogs, snakes, even Greeks and Muslims. Everybody."

Ah, Macedonia.

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