Thursday, June 4, 2009


The big news in Macedonia today (and maybe on a leftist, student run Greek TV station. . . somewhere) is that a fringe neo-fascist group of Greek nationalist thugs interrupted the promotion of a Greek-Macedonian dictionary in Athens. The famous Dr. Friedman was there, and had a motorcycle helmet swung at his head by one of these goons.

The whole thing came about, of course, because Greece refuses to recognize the Macedonian name, language, or identity. Greece has been the bully throughout this entire name issue - not that Macedonia hasn't provoked Greece at all, but really. I never really imagined that the Greeks would literally become large, gorilla-like bullies and attack a mild-mannered academic conference. High school never ends, eh?

Eric has translations and comments. Here's the original news item that I saw, with a video.

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Kasey said...

So lame! Wish people could get over themselves and be friendly residents of this world... *sigh*