Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It's been a rather lazy past few weeks - it's the rainy season in Macedonia, and thunderstorms have kept me inside the apartment most every other day. I'm working on those aforementioned articles, for the most part. But when it's not raining . . .

(A fish restaurant on a lake outside of Kriva Palanka, in Eastern Macedonia)

(Beer cooler with fresh mountain spring water at a friend's cottage in Skopsko Crna Gora)

(Somewhere between Stip and Sv. Nikole in Eastern Macedonia)

(The view from my new apartment in the Aerodrom neighborhood of Skopje)


............ said...

Hey Seth,

I accidentally found your blog and I'm glad you're having a good experience in Macedonia. I'm Macedonian and I just came back from the States after studying there for a year. Reading some of your posts made me realize that I have a different perspective on some of the things in my own country now, than before I left. Very good material for reflection. How long are you staying here?

s.elder said...

I'll be here through October, at the least. Thanks for reading.